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Understanding the Dangers of Sun Exposure:

Due to frequent sun exposed, especially considering the African equatorial sun, skin is exposed to intense sun damage.

Especially if the skin has undergone any trauma, damaging exposure or intensive cosmetic procedures, such as chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, CO2 laser resurfacing, any injectable meso therapy treatment or skin rejuvenation or skin biorevitalization, when the surface layer of the skin is micro damaged, which reduces its protective functions and makes the skin even more sensitive and prone to sun damage and might cause the risk to get a new skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation.

In order to prevent the sun from becoming the enemy of our skin and to allow us to safely go for necessary cosmetic treatments, it is important to select the right and professional sun care product, which ideally should be prescribed by skin doctor dermatologist.

Choosing the Right Professional Sun Care Product

Though choosing a quality professional sunscreen product is also very important in everyday life, not just during beach vacations or after cosmetic treatments.

Because the rays of the sun, as well as environmental pollution, damage the cells and cause the development of free radicals in the skin. In combination with other external stressors such as fine particulate matter, they can deactivate structural proteins and lower cellular activity. This leads to a weakening of the connective tissue and premature, visible skin aging.

But here is the good news, by highly caring of our patients’ skin, as well as aiming to provide best results after all our treatments, BioCell Clinic traditionally selects and provides multi-functional professional products from the world’s leading cosmetic companies and laboratories.

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BioCell Clinic’s Trustful Sunscreen Protection

Our trustful and innovative recommendation is Luxurious Biological Anti-Aging and Anti-Pollution Sun Protection and Hydrating Formula for effective skin protection and regeneration.


Visible and invisible sun damages can be avoided by responsible behavior under the sun, using 2018 ESPA Innovation Awards Winner – Dr. Spiller SUN CARE SOLUTIONS SUMMER GLOW Line, using exclusively patented HYTEC Emulsion System in their professional products.Sunscreen

What does HYTEC stand for?

  • HY = HYdro (water, moisture)
  • TEC = TEChnology (Technology)


What makes the HYTEC Emulsion System so special?

  • The HYTEC Emulsion System minimizes water loss and stabilizes the skin’s moisture level.
  • This lastingly reduces skin dryness as well as premature skin aging
  • In addition, it enhances the bioavailability of active ingredients and allows them to be more efficiently transported.
  • The result: The HYTEC Emulsion System activates the skin’s natural functions to ensure healthy, beautiful, perfectly balanced skin.



The all Dr. Spiller sun protection products are based on an innovative UV protection technology. This includes infrared protection in addition to UVA and UVB protection, which reduces the negative impact of infrared radiation on the skin and properly protects the skin from sun damage.

Though our special choice from all their ranges is SUMMER GLOW – Sun Sensitive Emulsion with highest SPF (sun protection factor), which is most suitable for African sun and environment.


The lightweight emulsion, produced for face and body use.

Its waterproof formula offers optimum sun protection, even for sensitive skin. It has a multiple effect against premature skin aging caused by sun:

  • The Anti-UV-Stress Compound protects against sun damage and actively boosts skin regeneration.
  • Brightening and antioxidant properties of Vitamin C protects against sun damage such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and dry skin.
  • The Anti-Pollution Compound prevents the skin from environmental stresses and damage caused by them, which also helps prevent DNA damage.
  • The Protective Oil Compound helps prevent moisture loss and lends the skin a fresh, radiant glow.
  • Panthenol and Aloe Vera Extract protect and soothe the skin after any injectable, laser or micro damaging procedures.

In combination with natural Thistle, Coconut, Amaranth Seed, Allantoin, Avocado Oil, Panthenol, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin E the skin is deeply hydrated and lastingly nourished. For a supple, revitalized complexion and beautiful, highly protected skin.

Which is fundamentally important after all our invasive and intensive procedures aimed at healing, lightening, improving the quality and rejuvenating the skin of our patients.

Our Sun Sensitive Emulsion covers such a skin care needs:

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-pigmentation
  • Anti pollution
  • Calming
  • Moisture
  • Tonicity & Elasticity
  • Cell protection

How Should Sunscreen be Applied?

Sunscreens must to be used after every intensive cosmetic treatment, especially on the face and it’s very effective when used properly.

Follow these guidelines to give yourself the most protection:

  • Always wear sunscreen! Apply it on your skin every day. Make it a habit, as you do with brushing your teeth.
  • Apply the sunscreen at least 20 to 30 minutes before you go outdoors, whenever you will be exposed for 30 minutes or more.
  • If you wait to apply sunscreen until you hit the beach, you may already be perspiring, and moisture makes sunscreens less effective.
  • Wear wide-brimmed hat, to fully protect your face against the sun’s harmful effects.
  • Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours while you are outdoors, even if the product is labeled “all-day.” If you get wet or perspire heavily, reapply sunscreen more frequently.
  • Cover all exposed areas, including your ears, lips, face, and back of your hands.
  • Don’t skimp; apply a generous layer, especially if going to be under direct sun for a long time.
  • Smooth it on rather than rubbing it in.
  • Women should always apply sunscreens even under makeup.

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