Under Eye Hollows


What causes Under Eye Hollows?

The words ‘You look tired,’ perhaps even more than the dreaded ‘Have you put on weight?’, are the ones no woman wants to hear. Though some women used to hear them all the time. Even after a good eight hours of a sleep. Why? Because they have dark circles and hollows under the eyes no amount of make-up or sleep can erase. Which have worsened over the years. Though lack of sleep can dehydrate skin, making dark circles more noticeable, the amount of shut-eye you get has little to do with dark circles. Skin appears even darker under the lower eyelid in those with olive and dark skin because skin is thinner in this area. Not only that, but olive and dark skin keeps producing pigment of the skin – melanin, which makes dark shadows appear deeper as the years pass. But, wrinkle shadow, which worsens with age, is a common cause of dark circles. Skin around the eyes ages faster than in other areas, partly because sunscreen is rarely applied there, but also because it is thin and doesn’t have oil glands or hair follicles. You eventually end up with sagging and a tear trough forms, along with darkness.

Under Eye HollowsThe tear trough is the line under the eye caused by sagging skin, drooping muscles and fat bags, which results in a shadowing effect, the hollows under the eyes and darkness around the eyes. And because the eyes it is the first place on the face anyone looks, as people don’t look first at jowls or smile lines, they will always be drawn to the eyes. If your eyes look tired, you will look tired too. Unfortunately any massage technique or creams or gadget will not help to get rid of it. It’s should be a suitable filler specially produced for this sensitive and demanding area. Because if filler will be too thick, it would make the problem worse and leave a result with lumpiness.

How are Under Eye Hollows treated?

The only right way to fill the hollows under the eyes it is to get a professional treatment with special technic with a newer form of filler, specially produced for this area, JUVEDERM Volbella, from a world leader USA’s company Allergan, that’s lighter and does not leave any bumps or puffiness.  Be warned though, the use of fillers in this area has been associated with complications.

So it’s very important to make sure your doctor is a fully qualified plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.


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