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Laser Hair Removal Treatment: A Revolutionary Solution for Unwanted Hair

Before the advent of laser therapy for hair removal, unwanted hair was a universal problem, often leading to complications like folliculitis from shaving or skin irritation from waxing, tweezing, and threading.

But now, BioCell Clinic brings a game-changing solution with our ENEKA PRO DIODE LASER, offering the safest and fastest way to achieve permanent hair removal.

Why Choose ENEKA PRO DIODE LASER for Your Hair Removal Needs?

Our state-of-the-art Diode Laser, expertly manufactured in Spain, represents three decades of innovation and expertise from Termosalud. This advanced technology guarantees maximum effectiveness and safety for all laser hair removal treatments. With our laser treatment, you can expect a significant reduction in unwanted hair, regardless of your hair type or skin tone.

Safety and Effectiveness: The Hallmarks of Our Laser Treatment

At BioCell Clinic, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. The ENEKA PRO DIODE LASER conforms to stringent ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certifications, ensuring a high standard of care. This laser technology is not only effective for body hair removal but also excels in facial hair removal, including delicate areas like the face.


Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Safe?

Absolutely. Our highly trained aesthetic professionals use the latest technology to personalize the treatment for each individual, ensuring safety and effectiveness. This innovative approach is suitable for all skin types, hair types, and works throughout the year, without limiting sun exposure.

Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment Journey at BioCell Clinic

Before Treatment:

  • Avoid exposing the area to sun, tanning beds or self- tanning creams 1 week before.
  • No waxing, tweezing, bleaching, depilatories or electroepilation of treated areas 2 weeks before.
  • Usage of Retin A, Accutane, bleaching, exfoliating creams and facial peels must be avoided before and after treatment (duration will be defined during your Consultation).
  • Remove henna from treated areas 1 day before.
  • Areas to be treated should be shaved with razor 2 days before. Shaving treated areas in between treatments is fine and does not affect results.

Day of Treatment:

  • Do not apply any kind of essential oils or perfumes on the areas to be treated.
  • Wear loose clothes and light color underwear and remove any deodorant, powder & makeup.
  • For those with sensitive skin, a topical anesthetic can be applied.
  • Depending on the size of the treatment area, a session may last between 10 to 60 minutes.


Post Treatment:

Immediately after the laser hair removal treatment, you may experience redness, similar to mild sunburn, is a temporary and normal tissue response; it disappears over the next few hours.

Splash the treated area with cold water as often as required and reapply soothing cream.

If possible apply only eye and lip make up for 6-12 hours and void rubbing, scratching, saunas and hot showers for 24-48 hours and avoid sun exposure.

The treated hairs will fall out in 7-10 days; but in some cases, it can take up to 2 weeks for the hair to fall off. This process can be helped along by gentle use of a washcloth or sponge 4 to 5 days after treatment.

Avoid sun exposure and tanning creams during the course of the treatments. Use sunscreen SPF 50 on the treated areas at all times.

Experience the Difference with BioCell Clinic’s Laser Hair Removal

With our laser hair removal service, not only do you get rid of unwanted hair, but you also enjoy improved skin quality. Say goodbye to razor bumps and ingrown hairs and hello to smoother, clearer skin.

Ready to embark on your journey to hassle-free, smooth skin? Discover the benefits of our laser hair removal treatments, including competitive laser hair removal prices and a commitment to safety and excellence. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and experience the best non-surgical hair removal solution at BioCell Clinic.

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