Butt & Hips Enlargement

Butt and Hips Enlargement

Butt and Hips Enlargement

We have been seeing an increasing demand for the breast, butt and hip enlargement in our office.

For the person who does not have enough fat to transfer or cannot take the time off for a surgical procedure, or simply doesn’t want to go under the knife, we have a great, non surgical options. Which are absolutely safe and have a minimal downtime, as well as give predictable long lasting result.

Poly Lactic Acid (PLLA)/Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

We perform our butt and hips enlargement procedure with safe and well known injectable fillers based on either hyaluronic acid (HA) or poly lactic acid (PLLA, similar to Sculptra), which immediately add volume to injected area or stimulate the body to create its own collagen, which give our patients a very natural, long lasting and smooth appearance to their butt, hip and/or breast.

The advantage of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for butt and hip enlargement is that it adds desired volume and shows desired result immediately after the treatment, with final result in only two weeks time.

The advantage of using poly lactic acid fillers is that it improves the quality and elasticity of the skin while augmenting volumes, because it’s stimulates very active production of body’s own collagen and elastin. As well as it’s also effective at diminishing cellulite by improving skin structure. Though, the final result after the PLLA treatment will only show in four months time.

Mechanism of Action

Once HA product is injected into desired body area, the thick, cross-linked gel based on hyaluronic acid, will immediately add volume and its molecules will start to attract water from the extracellular space, which will make the area even more fuller after two weeks time.

Once PLLA product injected into desired body area, it molecules go to work to stimulate production of new collagen, which then gradually, during next four months, increases the volume.

Our doctor uses a cannula, which is blind needle, to inject the mentioned above products, so there is no pain and minimal discomfort and no post procedure bruising.

From 2 up to 6 bottles at a time, can be injected to desired area. An additional vials can be injected in 2 weeks time for the HA fillers or 2 months time for the PLLA fillers to maintain or enhance the results further.

It is generally felt, the PLLA Butt Lift will last up to 3 years. Though it is beneficial to do a touch up treatment every 2 years.
In its turn, the HA Butt Lift will last up to 2 years. And it is beneficial to do a touch up treatment every one year.

Butt and Hips Enlargement

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