Neck Rejuvenation

Neck Rejuvenation

How is Neck Rejuvenation treated?

  1. Correction of the neck bands by injecting Botox Cosmetic
  2. Neck Bioreparation with Meso-Xanthin F199, Meso-Wharton P199
  3. Correction of neck horizontal wrinkles with Filler JUVEDERM Volbella

In many cases the first place on our body, which shows the aging, is neck. Because the skin on the neck is very thin and doesn’t have oil glands or hair follicles. That is why it is the most sensitive and demanding area, which ages faster than in other areas. This justifies the need for a neck rejuvenation treatment.


However, the skin on the neck is not always provided with proper care and anti-aging motions, as daily applied sunscreen, special neck anti-aging products and professional treatments. Very often the genetic factor and life style worsen the appearance. You eventually end up with sagging wrinkled skin, neck bands and/or deep neck horizontal wrinkles. Accept of that, the hypertonicity of the neck muscle leading to visible neck bands, pulls the face’s tissues down, what additionally destroys a “V-shape” of the face and jawlines and shows the age.

A variety of revolutionary new products and technologies in today’s advanced anti-aging industry, represented in our center, allow our specially trained and highly qualified doctor successfully correct the above mentioned age-related changes.

Respectively, correction of the neck bands performed by injecting Botox according to a special scheme and injected directly inside the every neck band. Which can be provided only by specially trained and highly experienced specialist, as unique “off label” protocol.

In BioCell Centre neck bioreparation is provided by course of Meso-Xanthin F199 and/or Meso-Wharton P199 skin rejuvenation treatment, depending of the individual age and skin condition. In some cases, for more active and effective skin tightening, the Thread Therapy can be recommended.

Neck horizontal wrinkles and deep lines can be effectively corrected by using hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite fillers, result after which lasts for about two years.

More specific information will be given during an individual consultation.


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