Skin Biorevitalization

Revolutionize Your Skin with Non-Injectable Biorevitalization

Discover the future of skin rejuvenation at BioCell Clinic with our groundbreaking, non-injectable Skin Biorevitalization Therapy.

Skin Biorevitalization

At BioCell Clinic, we are pioneers in non-injectable skin biorevitalization therapy. This cutting-edge treatment, known as “peel without peeling” or liquid laser, offers a non-invasive, painless alternative to traditional chemical peels, without downtime or visible signs of treatment.

Ideal for those seeking immediate rejuvenation without inconvenience, our therapy stimulates deep skin layers, promoting collagen synthesis without irritation.

Innovative Formula for Advanced Rejuvenation

This therapy offers numerous advantages over traditional chemical peels. It is non-invasive, painless, and achieves similar results without the inconvenience of shedding skin. Additionally, there is no rehabilitation period, meaning you can resume your daily activities without any visible signs of treatment. The therapy stimulates and revitalizes deeper skin layers without damaging the top layer, promoting collagen synthesis and growth factors without inflammation or irritation.

Such an innovative treatment stimulates and restores the skin from the inside out, without the need for needles or rehabilitation, utilizing the latest innovative therapy developed by an advanced Italian company. This groundbreaking procedure is not only exclusive to our clinic in Lagos but also sets a new standard in skin rejuvenation.

The Science Behind the Therapy

What sets this therapy apart is its ability to stimulate and restore the skin from the inside out, without the need for needles or rehabilitation. This revolutionary treatment works deep within the lower layers of the skin, activating tissue stimulation and promoting restoration, all without causing any surface damage or abrasions.

The unique formula of this therapy combines a powerful blend of fruit acids, including 33% trichloroacetic acid (TCA), 5% kojic acid, and 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This innovative composition ensures that the treatment is less aggressive than pure TCA, commonly used in chemical peels.

Key Ingredients and Their Benefits

Let’s explore the active ingredients in this therapy and their benefits:

  1. Trichloroacetic acid: Stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, essential cells responsible for collagen synthesis. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, effectively cleansing pores, eliminating acne-causing bacteria, and improving dermal elasticity.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide: Acts as a potent antiseptic, promoting the release of oxygen upon contact with the skin. This oxygen-rich environment cleanses the skin surface, while filling skin cells with pure oxygen, enhancing sensitivity and rejuvenation.
  3. Kojic acid: Primarily used to brighten the treated area of the face, kojic acid suppresses melanin production, reducing pigmentation and discoloration caused by various factors like sun damage, post-acne scars, and even stretch marks.

Therapy Process and Immediate Benefits

This therapy addresses a wide range of skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, dehydrated skin, acne, loss of skin tone and elasticity, post-acne conditions, scars, seborrhea, sun damage, and stretch marks. However, depending on your specific skin condition, our aesthetic doctor dermatologist may recommend combining this therapy with injectable skin rejuvenation or other treatments for optimal results.

During the therapy session, our professional will cleanse your skin and apply the product in small quantities, gently massaging it until fully absorbed. The number of applications may vary, typically ranging from 2 to 5 layers, depending on your skin’s reaction and desired outcome. After the treatment, you’ll notice immediate improvements, such as clearer facial contours, reduced pore size, improved skin texture, hydration, and a more vibrant complexion.

Moreover, this therapy is suitable for all genders, skin types, and colors, with no age or seasonal restrictions. It provides immediate and long-lasting results, enhances the effects of other aesthetic treatments, and requires minimal aftercare.

In combination with other treatments like injectable skin rejuvenation, Botox, dermal fillers, melasma treatment, acne treatment, hyperpigmentation treatment, non-surgical face lift, and more, this therapy can deliver remarkable outcomes.

However, there are some contraindications to consider. This therapy should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation, in cases of allergies to its components, on damaged facial skin, fresh wounds, open pustules, and in the presence of infections or viral diseases with cutaneous manifestations.

The number of sessions required for this therapy depends on your individual skin condition. Our aesthetic dermatologist will assess your needs and recommend a one-time treatment or a course of 2 to 6 sessions, typically done once a week or once every two weeks. It is advisable to repeat the therapy course every six months to maintain optimal results.

Book an appointment at BioCell Clinic today, and let us understand your specific needs. Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you to help you achieve your desired beauty and regain your self-confidence.

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