Face and Double Chin Slimming

Face and Double Chin Slimming

How are Face and Double Chin Slimming performed?

Face and double chin slimming become very easy to achieve by using MesoSculpt C71 – an innovative and unique product, developed by USA laboratory of doctors and microbiologists.

MesoSculpt C71 – it is latest technology which dissolves face’s fat deposits, while at the same time lifting and firming the skin! AS well as improving the microcirculation processes, including lymphatic drainage.

The C71 technology removes fatty tissue and does not allow it to reappear.

It is in a very high demand, because mature people are tormented most by the effects of gravitational ptosis. These effects include sagging skin and facial contour-altering fat deposits, usually on the jawline, cheeks or below the chin.  Though of course the manifestations can encompass the entire face, not just the neck. And it is a biological problem that has a profound psychological component. And you simply cannot ignore this face-altering manifestation of age as it changes your appearance and often times dramatically.

Meso-Sculpt C71 treatment redefines facial contours through localized lipolysis injections on the cheeks, along jawline and throughout the naso-labial aria, as well as under eyes fat bags.

Developed by doctors and microbiologists, Meso-Sculpt C71 dissolves the localized buildup of unwanted facial fat deposits that rob the face of its well-defined look and youthful contours.

MesoSculpt C71  – an innovative method to correct the amounts of fat tissue:

  • peptides and polypeptides – reduce the quantity of the fat cells, lymph-stimulating action
  • lipoblock – burns fat cells, reduces the volume of the fat cells, controls formation of a new fat cells, as well as controls its increase
  • dermal-remodeling complexes (hyaluronic acid, amino acid complexe, vitamins, minerals, microelements) – biorevitalization, moisturizing, strengthening and lifting of the skin

Treatment Period

Recommended course of the treatments: 4-6 sessions at an interval of 7-14 days.

The number of the treatments for each individual is different and determined by the doctor during an individual consultation.


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