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Biocell clinic is an Aesthetic Clinic which offers Aesthetic & Medical Cosmetology services in Lagos, Nigeria. This clinic is run by a highly experienced and qualified Doctor, Dermatologist an Cosmetologist.

All treatment procedured are carried out using only the best safe and effective products and equipments, and also using professional standard practices. These treatment procedures includes body treatment, skin treatment, hair treatment, men’s treatment and laser hair removal treatment.

Aesthetic Medicine

We are very transparent about our practices and procedures. This has led us to outlist the details of the various treatment procedures we offer, stating the products and equipments being utilized.

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Aesthetic Medicine Procedure Categories

Dr Dermatologist-Cosmetologist

Aesthetic Medicine

Born in Ukraine, educated all over the world. She is offering extremely effective, safe, modern, and the best worldwide products and treatments, which has been approved by the FDA (the American regulatory authority) and bears the CE mark, which is the European Union’s standard for the product safety.

Tetiana Youssef M.D

+234 815 794 5257
Eko Pearl Tower Block B, Floor 8, 8B, Eko Atlantic, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

What We Do

BioCell Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine is a department in Ave Maria Hospital and part of medical cosmetology which has been passionately created for humanity’s youth, self-confidence and healthy appearance, especially Nigerians and all expatriates residing in Lagos and its environs.

Aesthetic Medicine

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    The PSX Pressure Therapy from the 40 years experience, knowledge and expertise of Starvac Group – the French leader in the fields of medicine, beauty and well-being.

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    We have found that the best way to help continue grow and pass on our culture is by focusing on our vision, mission and our key core values.

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