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How is Skin Lift/Saggy Skin Tightening performed?

In many cases, like after weight loss, pregnancy, after liposuction or tummy tuck or as a result of aging, we can observe the sagging skin on an inner side of the hands, on a stomach, between legs and on the top of the knees. In  BioCell Clinic we are using few methods to lift the skin:

    1. Skin collagen stimulator – Radiesse
    2. Vacuum and roll body massage – Starvac SP Original

Skin collagen stimulator – Radiesse

Skin collagen stimulator – Radiesse is the revolutionary new and effective product to lift and tighten the sagging skin. And because the collagen is the primary structural component of the dermis, accounting for 70 % of the weight of the skin, collagen is essential for a healthy skin and youthful appearance. Decreases in the collagen quantity reduces skin volume and elasticity and compromises skin quality. The consequences are tissue atrophy, and sagging skin features. The degeneration of the collagen fibers in the ageing or damaged skin initiates a vicious cycle of reduced cellular activity, diminished cellular renewal, and decreased protein synthesis. To stop or prevent these processes we successfully use the collagen stimulator Radiesse.

How does Radiesse work?

Skin LiftRadiesse  is composed of small calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a soft gel matrix. Radiesse is gently injected by the doctor into the skin, with a very fine needle-cannula. This injection provides an immediate and visible effect. Additionally, Radiesse stimulates the skin’s own regeneration abilities – new collagen and elastin is produced over the following weeks and months, making your skin stronger, lifted and more elastic. Radiesse acts against loss of structure by providing an intradermal scaffold which functions as a mechanical stimulus for fibroblasts activation and collagen production. Tight collagen network strengthens the dermis.

Radiesse treatment improves skin quality on 4 essential levels:

  • Activates dermal cells proliferation
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Increases skin thickness
  • Increases the skin´s elastin contents

Thanks to the collagen-inducing effect of Radiesse, the skin regains its youthful tightness and elasticity – your natural beauty blooms again.

Vacuum and roll body massage – Starvac SP Original

Skin LiftVacuum and roll body massage additionally helps to lift and improve the sagging skin by highly stimulating collagen and elastin production inside the skin, improving skin texture and elasticity. This result can be achieved in our center by using a high performance device Starvac SP Original, France.

It performs a palpate/roll massage providing deep activation of the cutaneous tissue. The fold of the skin formed by the device, permits repair of damaged skin fibers inside the sagging skin, as well as breaking-down of sub-cutaneous fibrous tissue (fibrosis of the fatty cells – adipocytes and scar tissue adhesions). Also encourages the elimination of waste products (fat cells, toxins …) through natural channels by stimulating the venous-lymphatic system and improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin.

Over the course of the treatments, the saggy aspect disappears, the body is toned and the body-shape is recontoured. While performing the skin tightening vacuum massage there is activated lymph outage, stimulated the microcirculation of the skin and under skin layer of the fat. It accelerates the adhesion of fatty cells, skin becomes smooth and tight.

Starvac creates a partial vacuum on the skin surface and suctions the skin between two mobile rollers located inside the suction handles. The spacing between the rollers adapts to the fold of the skin. While the suction cup moves, the skin fold is rolled and massaged, giving the unique “massage-roller-suction” action.

Starvac also offers unique “double suction cups” for better lymphatic system results and for more focused anti-cellulite and slimming massage, as well as body shape recontouring. Suction-pads of different sizes and shapes can treat specific target areas. Massage also improves lymph flow, allows faster removal of toxins, waste metabolic products; it activates the activity of the secretion glands, improves blood circulation, and supplies the skin with oxygen.

Treatment Period

Recommended average course of the treatments is 10 – 15 sessions (up to 30 in severe cases), two – three times a week.


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