Why does the skin of the neck and décolleté need special care?

We usually pay increased attention to prevention and treatment of age-related changes in the face, often forgetting about the skin of the neck and décolleté.

Though specially the neck area is considered the most vulnerable, since it has its own structural features:
⁃ The skin of the neck is thinner and more prone to faster show wrinkles and fine lines;
⁃ It earlier loses firmness and elasticity;
⁃ Fewer sebaceous glands in the neck and neckline leads to the fact that thin skin becomes dry and weak;
⁃ This area is less protected from damaging effects of sun rays;
⁃ The skin of the neck is prone to the formation of “compression” wrinkles because of the habit of sleeping on your side or on a high pillow, or habit slouching, or simply because nova days we’re using mobile phones which makes us often to look down which shrinks the skin of the neck.

Our Trustful Professional Product for Neck Rejuvenation


Restoration Cream


Our trustful and innovative recommendation for neck and décolleté is Luxurious Biological Anti-Aging solution called Uvenox NS1 – innovative development in the field of anti-age cell therapy from American ABG LABoratories.

It is exclusive product developed by Dr. Elina Tester – Doctor of Molecular Biology; President of Corrective Development LLC, a U.S.-based research holding; President of ABG LAB LLC (USA) and Premierpharm (Moscow).

It is Topical System for Treatment and Prevention of age-related changes in the skin of the neck and décolleté as well as it works well on the delicate skin around eyes.

Double Action Restoring Cream and Lifting Serum in One Tube!

Which means that with Uvenox NS1 you will enjoy a single solution to all the problems of aging of the skin of the neck and decollete IN ONE CONTAINER.

One side – serum for instant lifting and on the other hand – cream for intensive care and cell regeneration.

Components of each complement and enhance the effect of each other, noticeably smoothes the skin, restores its elasticity, healthy and firming look.

The first results of Uvenox NS1 can be seen after 30 minutes after application!



Main Reasons to Use Uvenox NS1

  • Two products in one container: restorative cream and lifting serum;
  • The main component of the regenerating cream is the newly patented, revolutionary substance polypeptide-1, also known as trade name Amatokin ™. This is the first ever beauty peptide that activates cell renewal and provides intensive care and prevention of age related changes in the skin of the neck and decollete;
  • Polypeptide-1 activates proliferation and differentiation of our own stem cells of the skin, which is manifested in the powerful renewal ability of fibroblasts, responsible for the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin;
  • Moisturizing cream complex contains: fruits acids, extract of watermelon peels, fruits lentils and peels of apples, vitamin E, extract of bamboo, pea, citric acid, jojoba oil, tapioca starch, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, glucosamine obtained from natural sources;
  • Experimental studies and trials on volunteers proved that the effect of moisturizing persists all day long at 88% volunteers;
  • Antioxidant cream complex contains: bamboo, pea extracts, amino acid ergothioneine which strongly protect the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress caused by exposure to ultraviolet light;
  • Polyex ™ Technology Used in Serum Instantly eliminates skin aging signs – sagging and wrinkles in submandibular area, around eyes and neck;
  • 86% of volunteers felt quick and immediate effect: tightened and smoothed skin, younger and healthier look;
  • The effect is noticeyable after 30 minutes and lasts for many hours till next application.


Lifting Serum

Main Components

The composition of the regenerating, moisturizing cream: polypeptide-1, bamboo, pea, watermelon peel, lentil and apple peel extracts, vitamin E, citric acid, linoleic acid, jojoba oil, ergotionine, tapioca starch, aloe barbadenis leaf juice, glucosamine.

Compositions of lifting serum: “POLYFLEX” complex, extract of oats, cassava, nannochloropsis algae, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, vitamin E.

The main innovative component is POLYPEPTIDE-1

The first topical-application polypeptide triggers cellular renewal and has been proven efficient by Dr. Elina Tester.

  • This was the first polypeptide to be used in cosmetology.
  • Polypeptide-1 played a crucial role in the so-called peptide revolution at the world’s professional facial care market.
  • Extensive studies have proven that this polypeptide activates the proliferation and differentiation of the skin endogenous stem cells, speeds up fibroblast renewal, and boosts the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans.
  • Polypeptide-1 stimulates the expression of important growth factors including the epidermal growth factor (EGF) and the transforming growth factor beta (TGFi), that play crucial roles in non-scarring wound healing even in mature skin.
  • Polypeptide-1 has been scientifically proven to restore the components of the decaying extracellular matrix and stimulate the cellular regeneration of mature skin.
  • Clinical trials have shown Polypeptide-1 to correct skin imperfections and irregularities, including superficial and deep wrinkles.

The result of daily use of cream and serum Uvenox NS1 is significant improvement in the delicate skin of the neck, decollete and around the eyes area with cumulative obvious effect!


Restoration Cream

How Should Uvenox NS1 be Applied?

1. The Restoring Regenerating Cream from one end of the container should be applied on clean, dry skin of the neck and décolleté, with massage movements twice a day in the morning and evening until completely absorbed.

2. Lifting Serum from the other end of the container is applied after the cream on the area around the eyes or the line of the lower jaw, neck and décolleté, twice or optionally several times a day.
The effect is noticeable after 30 minutes and lasts for many hours till next application.

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